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Ecological planning

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 Shaanxi Ecological Environment Planning and Design Institute Co., LTD    

        Shaanxi Eco-Environment Planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise established by Shaanxi Environmental Protection Group and Digital China Research Institute of Peking University. It is mainly engaged in eco-environment planning, design, technology, consulting, investment and financing。
        The company has in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign expert teams,We will focus on the goals of national ecological civilization construction and the overall plan for the ecological environment,The use of ecological environment planning technology methods, management models, remote sensing information, big data processing, intelligence and other independent intellectual property technologies,Implement sustainable development planning, development and utilization of natural resource assets, ecological protection red line, environmental carrying capacity and environmental capacity, planning, evaluation, design and project management of ecological and environmental protection projects,Provide top-level design and comprehensive solutions for ecological and environmental management at different levels for the government, regions, industries, society and the public。

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