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Ecological company started production safety accident emergency plan revision work

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2021-12-07 10:32 Number of readings:

          In order to improve the level of emergency management, give play to the emergency handling ability。Recently, the ecological company focused on implementing the requirements of the group company on emergency management and the actual needs of the enterprise, and started the revision of the enterprise emergency response plan。

This revision will be combined with the actual safety production of ecological companies,On the basis of the company's original plan,Around the new guidelines, new ideas, new requirements,Reinforce bottom-line thinking,We worked hard to forestall and defuse major risks,Comprehensively sort out, prepare, revise and improve the enterprise comprehensive emergency plan, emergency resource investigation and accident risk identification,We will make emergency plans more targeted, scientific, practical and operational,It lays a solid foundation for improving the ability of enterprises to deal with emergencies。

In the next step, on the basis of completing the comprehensive revision of the emergency plan, the ecological company will establish a sound emergency management system with comprehensive coverage and connecting the top and bottom, promote the institutionalization, standardization and standardization of emergency management, and continue to improve the emergency management level and emergency handling capacity of the enterprise。(Du Bowen)

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