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Ecological company to carry out middle-level leader role cognition and positioning course training

Source: Ecology Corporation 时间:2023-10-24 08:54 Number of readings:


On September 26, the ecological company carried out the role recognition and positioning of middle-level leadersCourse training。

     This training invited the UK - Bozan Mind Map - certified manager, MTP-TTT Japan Industrial Training Association - authorized instructor, AACTP certified international registered trainer teacher Li Xiuping to give lectures。The course mainly focuses on "management cognition, human action, management attitude, management content" and other four aspects. Through case analysis, group competition, field practice and other ways, the course content is analyzed from point to point, from shallow to deep, and the classroom atmosphere is very active。

     This training has further improved the management ability of the company's middle managers, enhanced the cohesion of the enterprise, and laid a solid foundation for the future management road while mastering the methods, attitudes and corresponding contents of the management team。(CAI Xiaotong)


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