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Participate in garbage classification, build a beautiful home

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    On October 16, Fengdong Project Department of the sanitation company and Shanglin South Road community, economic development property, Century Avenue branch of the Construction Bank joined hands in the east gate of Baihulin Impression Community to carry out the theme of "Participate in garbage classification, Build a beautiful home" garbage classification experience。

    This activity is mainly through the combination of garbage classification knowledge and fun games, so that residents can learn garbage classification methods and skills in the game, under the careful guidance of on-site staff, residents can correctly dispose of the garbage that was not clear before。In addition, the beautifully typeset brochures and colorful publicity displays have attracted many residents to stop and watch, and residents have expressed their willingness to join the team of "volunteers" to participate in the garbage classification publicity。(Li Bin and Wang Gang)

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